“Follow your Dreams” : Interview with Ministhry Nair

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“Follow your Dreams” : Interview with Ministhry Nair

A senior civil servant with 11 years of work experience in public service , Ms Ministhry Nair has handled policy formulation and implementation at both secretariat and district levels. She passed out from XLRI in 1998 hand holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations.

We caught up with her at the Homecoming Awards Ceremony held at XLRI where she was felicitated in recognition of her contribution as an IAS Officer.

Ma’am, where did you do your B. Tech. from?

I completed my B. Tech. in Electronics and Communication (1990-1994) from Government Engineering College Trivandrum.


An Engineer, a Senior HR Manager and now an IAS Officer, were these career choices a conscious decision?

Yes. I tried to do justice to each of these fields and never took up any career forcefully. After my Engineering, I worked in the Communication Department of Salem Steel Plant, India from 1995 to 1996. Thereafter, I joined XLRI and after passing out from here worked as an HR Management Professional in IT Industry. After working for three years, I decided to prepare for IAS.


You cleared the IAS Entrance Examination , considered to be one of the toughest examinations , in your first attempt and bagged the 27th Rank at the All India Level. Could you tell us about your preparation strategy?

My only strategy was to have my basics clear .I took a sabbatical from work and prepared very hard as I knew this was my only chance .My family supported me throughout.


Can you tell us something about your stay at XLRI?

I enjoyed my stay at XLRI, though I do regret at times not being part of the various extracurricular activities. I was a nerdy student from the beginning. But, I am thankful to XLRI for whatever I am today.


Ma’am, have you ever felt any discrimination of any sort in this field, considering there aren’t many women IAS Officers in India?

I think what is important is that one should know when to put one’s foot down. Being a lady officer, I have faced such situations but I knew when I had to be assertive and never let these things affect me.


You are an inspiration for everyone, especially girls who feel their career stops after marriage .What is your message to them?

My only message to everyone is “Always follow your Dreams”. Your choices in life will govern your future. You cannot keep everyone happy all the time but always do that thing which will make you happy. Marriage doesn’t mean an end to one’s career. In fact, I prepared for IAS and simultaneously even took care of my young daughter that time. Never have I felt that marriage was a stumbling block in my career.

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