Understanding the ‘Personal’ in Personal Interview

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Understanding the ‘Personal’ in Personal Interview

Getting into XLRI is not an easy task. It is a series of steps- you start with clearing XAT, then you are butchered in a GD, and after that comes the final hit- The Personal Interview.
At XLRI, it will be exactly that- Personal. The panelists will not only test your knowledge about your workplace, academics, industry and economy but also about yourself. Write an essay about yourself, telling you why you made the choices you have made so far in your life, academically, while choosing your career, your place of work and most importantly why you want to do an MBA. If you have a diverse profile, it can work both for you and against you. The panelists love to see a new profile but you better be clear on your background as well as why you want to switch streams. No matter what your profile, be it with or without work experience, make sure you have brushed up your academics. The erudite professors will have enough knowledge to take your case.
XLRI Interviews are known to be unpredictable. So do not expect the interview to go a certain way, although you will always have the chance of taking charge and showing them that you are talented and truly deserve to be at XLRI. If you have had any unique experience or have a diverse profile then bring it up and show it off to the panelists, but do back it up with reasonable knowledge.
Hope to see you do well in your Personal Interview.

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External Linkages (ExLink)
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