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Tackling the GD monster

Clearing XAT does not guarantee you an admission to XLRI, one of the premier B-schools of India, that’s just the elimination stage. The real selection process begins now. XLRI, Jamshedpur tests the call-getters via a Group Discussion followed by a Personal Interview. They’re not that tough to handle, you just need a few pointers, a point of view, lots of knowledge and you’re set.
A GD is a platform for the panelists to judge not just your ability to perform in a team but also your knowledge base, ability to lead a team and most importantly whether you have an opinion, the ability to convince others of the same and lead the group to a consensus. The topic will be such, that it will require you to take a stand, so do not try to take the middle road, use sound logic. The panel looks for leadership skills and at the same time, the strength of the points you made. The panel also looks for team spirit, how you will handle the team while making your point while taking others along with you. Do keep in mind that you are here to discuss a topic, at length and reach to a conclusion. Make sure that the group discusses the topic from every angle applicable- political, legal, economical and the like. Reading the newspaper on a regular basis, all sections, should be enough to sail you through.
You need to make your case, cite real life examples to support your point, if possible try to give examples from politics, economy and the corporate world. It will help convince your group members to conform to your point of view along with demonstrating to the panelists that you are well-read and have the level of maturity base your arguments on sound facts.
Another crucial aspect of a GD is your body language, your hand gestures and the way you speak. Do not cut others off as it shows not only disrespect but also that you’re not a team player. Show the panelists that you understand that being a leader doesn’t mean just making points and giving the right answer, it’s about taking others along with you on the road to conclusion. It’s good if you try to initiate discussion, to show leadership and bring the group back to the topic at hand if they digress. It shows that you are focused and are also listening to others’ contributions. Try not to be aggressive to get your point heard. Trust me, if your point is good enough, it will be heard and also carried forward and the panelists take note of that. Also, do not make any point just for the sake of making one because the panel might question you about your points during the interview.
With a few things like these to keep in mind, we hope you will crack the code to a great GD. All the best.

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