CRUX – Consulting and Research Undertaking at XLRI is the exclusive committee for consulting on campus.

The committee’s vision is to promote XLRI as a premier consulting destination.

As consulting becomes one of the most sought after career options at XLRI and with many of our alumni holding leadership positions, CRUX is dedicated to honing current students’ consulting skills and help them achieve their goals in this career path. Regular events, competitions and activities are organized by CRUX which help equip students with the tactics and knowledge required to successfully convert opportunities in the consulting industry.

CRUX is geared to hone XLRI students’ consulting skills by helping them transition into a successful consulting career.

The committee aims to offer consultancy and research services to start-ups and organizations by leveraging the diverse and talented student base at XLRI, our access to knowledge resources and extensive faculty expertise.

CRUX is also dedicated to facilitating partnerships with consultancy and research firms for on and off-campus branding. The mission is to develop fruitful long term relations between XLRI and the consulting industry.

 With these objectives, the committee actively organizes several events throughout the year which engage the students and help them prepare for success in a career in management consulting.  The committee provides students with resources that refine their case analysis and interviewing skills through information sessions, interview workshops, case study competitions and strategy simulation games.

CRUX is also responsible for hosting the annual XLRI Consulting conference ‘Insight’ which acts as a means for students to interact and network with various prominent consulting and business leaders in the industry.

The committee works actively to provide necessary opportunities to XLRI students for learning and interaction with the consulting industry.