XL Confessions: A Battle Ground

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XL Confessions: A Battle Ground

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. – Oscar Wilde

Never has the above saying been truer than since the invention of social networks. Add to this the advent of anonymous confession pages, and you have a heady cocktail of secrecy, treachery, lies and revelations. What might have begun as a vent for the pent up feelings that many have experienced for a person from the opposite gender (Or same. At XL, we don’t judge) has now snowballed into a veritable battle ground for the haters and defenders of XL culture. From accusing Bishu-da of cheating the students (horror of horrors!!) to accusing committees of favouritism in selections. The XL Confessions page has seen it all.


While there are still the traditional confessions that profess the heart felt longings of lonely souls in XLRI, they are now fighting for the “news feed space” with the accusations and insinuations that fly thick. So popular has been the activity on this page that this has become a source of entertainment for many an XL-er. I personally know people who make it a point to visit this Facebook page at least once a day to catch up on the latest campus gossip. This can also be seen by the slew of rapid fire comments that are racked up on each post. The more controversial the post, the more attention it gets. But, even the innocent love confessions are not left alone. The camaraderie of our college is such, that the friends of the intended recipient of the post make it a point to tag him or her to draw attention to the post.

However, coming back to the topic of this article, and taking the most talked about post in recent times, the attack on Bishu-da had the entire student community up in arms. The raising of a question upon the integrity of a man who makes life easy for each and every XL-er and has done so for many a year caused even the famed XL Mafia to raise its voice. The sharing of stories and incidents of years long gone by that illustrated the invaluable service provided by Bishu-da had many people who once doubted the establishment squirming in their seats. Some Alumni went as far as to say that the XL culture has lost its touch if people are embellishing the reputation of the only man on campus who is ready to feed us at 3.30AM.


Days have passed since the entire incident was laid to rest. There were multiple subsequent posts by the junior batch, assuring the senior batch and the alumni that the culprit is a one off instance of the admission system failing and the rest of the batch is not similar. There were even posts about how the new part of the campus is more like Lovely Professional University than XLRI and the real soul of the XL culture resides in and around Bishu-da. But, the fact remains that something as simple as an anonymous confessions page brings out the real side of people faster and more efficiently than any behavioural test. And, when this happens, there will be a war of opinions.


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