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The Unending Rollercoaster Ride – Ishita Acharya

Trust me when I say this, and I am not being the least bit cheesy – XLRI has been a dream
come true. After two years of preparations and interviews and results and the vicious cycle
all over again, there came a day when I had finally made it to this premier institute. I was
the ‘bright kid’ all over again and it felt good to see so many friends and acquaintances and
long-lost kindred souls coming out of their cocoons to congratulate me on this feat. For the
first time in my life, I made an internal attribution (sorry about Organizational Behavior
creeping in to this article but I can’t really help it). It had, after all, taken a lot of
perseverance to keep holding on to this dream.

After I had settled in and was just discovering the place with my new-found friends and
batch mates, there was this one time in the first week where I just stood outside the gates
and stared long and hard at the words – “XLRI Xavier Institute of Management”. It was
surreal. I was finally a part of the famous, and rightly so, ‘XL Culture’. I’m writing this after
having completed a month and I could say this with complete conviction – my life has
turned upside down. I barely find myself without a book or an article or a presentation or
some other reading material. There’s always a test to prepare for, an assignment to
complete, a meeting to attend, and never enough sleep.

But at the end of every day (I frankly still don’t know when my day begins or ends), when
you are surrounded by friends, tired of the endless writing and reading and trying to
understand, and you go down to Shyam’s for a plate of cheese maggi and see the sun come
up over the hills and the river, the world seems all right. Being here makes you want to
eXceL, to be better, to try harder. There is so much pressure to prove yourself but at the
same time, having made it to an institute of this league gives you enough confidence to
believe you are up for any challenge life throws at you.

Even though it’s just been a month, I already have so much to take away from here. I have
made friends who are just as crazy as me and laugh at the silliest things when everything is
so darned serious. I have this amazing batch of seniors who have proved to us time and
again just how cool they are. I have a great set of professors who make it a point to drive
home the fact that lectures do not HAVE to be boring.

In short, I have had an amazing, tiresome, crazy four weeks living the XL Experience and I’m
not nearly done yet. I look forward to every one of the remaining 51 weeks.


Ishita is a student of XLRI HRM 2019. This article was written for the XL Experience series.

Read her blog here:

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