Ye hai XL meri jaan!

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Ye hai XL meri jaan!

One of the most vivid images that come to mind when I think of my time at XLRI, is the red glow of dawn visible from my window, accompanied by birdsong. Many are the nights/mornings when I have retired to bed for a couple of hours of sleep and drifted off listening to their cacophony. I’d never considered myself a morning person and was always much more productive in the later hours of the evening, but nothing had prepared me for the creature of the night that I would find myself to be after only a few days here.

But it wasn’t all work, though there was enough of that. Many of those sunrises have been witnessed in the company of people I had not known before and who in just a few short weeks had become close friends, often over discussions that had extrapolated from quick greetings exchanged over a cup of coffee to long-winded rambling discussions of life, the universe and everything and then some. Nothing bonds like adversity, and stepping out of your room at 4 in the morning to see all lights in the hostel on and people struggling with similar quandaries as your own is a reassuring feeling.

XL is a place where you can find company for all your interests if you just look hard enough, ranging from discussions over lesser known comic literature, to plans of producing your own little radio play in your room to taking walks in the campus on cold winter nights. I have eaten delicious food from all the regions of India, celebrated festivals I hadn’t for years, been a thespian after ages, got the chance to be master of ceremonies for one of the most prestigious events on campus and also to show off my ‘poetry’ recital skills to hundreds of people. And that’s just what I got to do myself. The list of other memorable events that I got to witness will take me much longer to enumerate.

Everything I’ve experienced has had the undercurrent of camaraderie; from turning people to walking cake mixes on their birthdays followed by the inevitable dunking down to friends stuffing sandwiches in your mouth to diffuse the tension during placement season and helping each other through. And now that my time as a student inches to a close, I think it is this feeling of support that I will cherish most when I leave these hallowed halls.

As always, proud to be an XLer.

Nadeem Raj
Nadeem Raj
Nadeem is still trying to make sense of Life, the Universe and Everything now coming to the end of his wonderful MBA journey.
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