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Bodhi Tree

There are certain things that are synonymous with XLRI Jamshedpur and Bodhi Tree, the college band, is one of them. The band was created by members of the batch of 2003-05. The original name of the band was Bodhi Sapling, and was renamed to Bodhi Tree in 2005. In their words, “We just sort of gravitated towards each other, spending value-added nights jamming into the wee hours of the morning. We had a one piece each of bassist, guitarist and vocalist, but the only one who showed up when we called for drummers was this petite girl with plaits called Poornima. She’d never played rock live before, but she had the rhythm in her blood. And that was it, before we knew it, we were taking to the stage as a band.”

Sounds scripted, doesn’t it?

Since its inception, Bodhi Tree has been a rallying point for students who were musically inclined or just loved music in general. The band has seen batches of XLers take up its mantle and squeeze out hours from their schedules to find time to jam together, make music and perform for their batch mates at various events ranging from Valhalla, the annual sports-cultural fest to Ensemble, the management fest of XLRI. However, the most famous Bodhi Tree remains the one that initiated the band. Their gifts to generations of XLers are timeless numbers such as GMD, Sabka Katega, XL Ki Kudiyan, XL Meri Jaan and Too Many Potatoes.

The tiny jam room where all the magic happens is situated on the second floor of the gymnasium building, nestled between the MT hostel (whose occupants publically display their displeasure at being woken up at 4 in the morning by the band practicing for an upcoming show) and the gym (which is thankfully empty at that hour of the day). The room is where music is made and friendships are forged.

As a Bodhi Tree member, I’ve spent countless hours in that room going over notes, rhythms, wishing that we had more time to prepare and praying that we don’t make a fool out of ourselves in front of everyone. To give you some perspective, for a one and a half hour set, we get to work four days before the show. Pulling off show after show with that kind of preparation is nothing short of a miracle. Then again, MBA life teaches you how to do exactly this, really well.

Being a part of Bodhi Tree, either as a member of the band or as a member of the audience when they are performing makes you a part of a legacy that shall endure and it is something that will unite you with XLers across geographies and time. It is one of the few things that really distinguishes XLRI from all the other B-Schools out there and is truly representative of that famed term ‘XL Culture’.

Ayan Guha
Ayan Guha
A passionate guitarist, footballer, music connoisseur and a foodie by heart.
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