The movie 2 states really provided the window dressing of what B-school life and created the hoopla about B School life being one glamorous sojourn filled with gyrating girls, confetti showering Christmas celebrations. Just a heads up to the crowd that would be joining, B-School life gets drab and stretched out at times, and highly likely your group is a sausage fest, the profs are as liberal with marks as Manmohan Singh is with words. So what makes life enjoyable you ask?” Well mostly it’s the parties and the midnight snacks at Bishu Da.


What really endears Bishu Da to the college crowd is the ambiance of the shop. No glitzy interiors, no dim lighting, no fancy service counters. A Spartan shop, low on frills, but loaded with legacy. That’s Bishu Da for you. Here you don’t need to worry about your dressing sense, you don’t need to worry about your appearance(although you may look like you just walked out of a coal mine and then assaulted by aliens).. it does not matter whether you got a bad grade or had a fight with your girlfriend doesn’t matter whether you have cash in your wallet or you have the appetite for anything…it’s a great place to unwind…the jokes about the faculty, the unrelenting leg pulling, the discussion about the latest tantrums thrown by the girls of your branch(never ending tantrums mind you… :P) , about how hot the exchange students are ….And when the going gets rough, just saunter in to Bishu’s and one cup of tea, one puff of a cigarette, from a friend is enough to set your mood right . And the best thing about the place is that you don’t need to have cash on your person to visit the place….sometimes you can just go and hang out there and ask for a sip of the tea…a drag of a cigarette and a pinch of maggi from a friends plate…or just snatch way two biscuits from your buddies while they are having one, it feels great when you have absolutely no cash but still walk away after your “borrowed-without-permission” heist.

Abe chal Bishu Da mein kuch khaake aate hain

Communal feeding frenzy is a concept that you learn here as friends dig into the sinful butter laden parathas and outdo each other trying to gulp ‘em down, scalding hot. If you thought that B School was rife with prim and proper to be managers who laid down origami folded napkins before eating, then think again. Manners fly out of the window as you place the plate laden with food on the table, and it’s fun trying to quell your hunger pangs while recounting how the faculty bashed you up over your abysmal PPT, and at the same time ogling at the pretty girls who just walked in along with ensuring that you get a lion’s share of the food in front of you. Talk about multi tasking huh!…From strategy to shit, from marketing to Mangalsutras , stand around a while and be privy to a whole gamut of conversations flying around. If you are lucky, you would sometimes chance upon a reputed and probably filthy rich alumni enjoying his maggi in the same paper plate as we paupers do.

Although he has a diverse repertoire of culinary creations, his Parathas are something to kill for. I drool simply at the mention of it while penning this down. Its taste is inexplicable and you would have to indulge in one yourself to know why I am eulogizing the Paratha. Sometimes, albeit secretly I think this is the best part of XLRI and makes the whole study loan worth it.


At the end of the day ,it doesn’t matter whether the tea tastes good, or the paratha is a bit burnt, it’s the after one year I’ll be packing my bags and heading off to some distant land, but the memories will still linger …like the smoke rings that engulf Bishus’ in the evening. The raucous laughter and merry banter will forever hang in the air for years to come….for years to come…whenever I would wake up in the night squirming with hunger pangs. I would still feel someone calling out to me in the corridor….”Abe chal Bishu Da mein kuch khaake aate hain”. That’s the magic of the place. That’s the magic of Bishu Da

XL Mafia will forever be indebted to the man who made their lives tolerable amidst the grind.

Anjan Mahapatra
Anjan Mahapatra
An Avid Quizzer and Blogger, loves to play tennis and volleyball. A consummate foodie with a weakness for freshly brewed tea. A first year student of HRM in XLRI, he is a prankster who is often found in the hostel mess with a diverse set of friends.
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