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100% pure XL Culture

Most religions profess that offering food to somebody is the greatest act of kindness any human can ever perform. With Regional Nights galore these days, I wonder if this was the bottom-line of starting this custom in XLRI. As I sat on a table in the junior mess and savored the daal-bati-churma served by students from both the senior and the junior batch at the RAJAXI night, I could not help but wonder at the novelty of this idea; such a simple way of bringing people of all hues and regions together and letting them introduce their region to their batch-mates with the hallmark-FOOD!

And it is not just the students of Business Management and Human Resource Management who are invited, the entire XL family is.

Be it the dhokla of THEPLAXI, the lassi of SPAXI or the sandesh of ROBAXI people from these distinct parts of the country introduce the rest of the college to the delicacies that they grew up enjoying and serve the same with love and a ton of smiles. Come to think of it, these regional nights are actually a reason of celebration for otherwise stressed MBA students. As students dress-up for the dinner and the cultural performances afterwards, these nights provide them the chance to smile as well as showcase their singular talents to their peers. God knows singers and guitarists have stolen numerous hearts with their performances at such occasions 😛 And it is not just the students of Business Management and Human Resource Management who are invited, the entire XL family is – students from all the other programs and faculty & staff with their families are also invited.

But what often gets lost in the delicious food and the decorated campus is the sheer effort that goes behind making such events possible. Every regional committee has a SPOC in the senior year who is responsible for organizing the respective regional night- it suffices to say that they work without the incentive of a CV point- the level of dedication thus exhibited will be obvious to anyone who is aware of the CV-point-fever that most students catch as soon as they enter the hallowed portals of a B-school. And the credit doesn’t go only to the SPOC, it also goes to all the members of the regional committee—from getting the campus decorated to preparing for cultural performances, from overseeing the cooks to the back-breaking exercise of distributing food, they don’t shy away from any amount of effort in order to make these events a success.

As someone who has been able to contribute marginally to her committee, I can vouch for the fact that it has given me the precious experience of hands-on event management and a chance to interact with my batch-mates and juniors in an informal and stress-free environment. I remember being a part of this extravaganza that happens over a month as a junior- I remember the amazement with which I saw strict seniors and cute guys serve me food with a huge smile and now as a senior, I see the same amazement on my juniors’ faces and wonder how much these nights actually give us and how little we are actually able to value them.

For some it may be about the food, for others about the dressing-up, for yet others about impressing someone special with their talents but in the larger picture-this is about 100% pure XL culture.

– Akriti Gupta

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