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Nirmal Hriday Visit

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”

The visit to Nirmal Hriday was one such enriching and satisfying experience. The warmth and outpour of emotion between the residents and volunteers translated into a bond of love and care. There was a sense of joy filled into the lives of the residents by interaction, storytelling, food distribution and mehendi art.

Nirmal Hriday is an old age home run by nuns where aged patients live and their needs are taken care of. We requested for a list of their requirements, such as grains and medicines, and through the material and money collected in the collection drive, these things were bought and given to them. Over 20 volunteers went from XLRI to visit the old age home. They spent time with them, applying mehendi, telling stories, or simply listening to theirs.





Collection Drive

Most of the activities engage or draw donations from the students. In order to tap the donation that the faculty living in campus can make, team SIGMA started a collection drive in the Joy of Giving week. Several boxes were kept at strategic locations as per the convenience of all the residents on campus – near the library, near the faculty buildings, in the hostels. We saw overwhelming response from the students and faculty alike. The collected material was donated to relevant places, such as stationery and toys to orphanages, grains to NGOs like Helping Hearts who distribute cooked food to the destitute.



Health Camp

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

We wanted to provide this opportunity to the residents of Bhalukpahadi, located 26 km from Jamshedpur. The residents participated enthusiastically and benefitted from the camp. Doctors provided free consultation with medicines to the patients.

Three eminent doctors of Jamshedpur city offered their services free of cost for a day at the health camp. Dr P.K Rout, Dr Sharda and Dr Ghosh took out time from their busy schedules to support the initiative. Dr Sharda is a gynaecologist and looked into the problems faced by the womenfolk of the area. The locals flocked the camp and fully utilised the opportunity to solve their health issues.

The experience was rewarding for us and the volunteers and we were reminded of the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi,

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”





Nukkad Natak

SIGMA team collaborated with DRACULA – the drama and cultural club at XLRI. The street play team prepared some relevant scripts on which they performed during the Joy of Giving week. The theme of their play was ‘hunger’, focusing on the extravagant food wastage, especially by the rich in parties and functions like weddings. While on the other hand, millions die every year due to starvation, and many more due to malnutrition. The play called upon the people to donate the extra food left at parties to the poor, unfed people instead of sending it all down the drain. The play was staged at two places in Jamshedpur city. Both were popular market places and the play was performed at peak market hours, thus garnering a huge crowd and a lot of attention.


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