The Joy of Giving Week – Jamshedpur Joyfest 2016 – I

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The Joy of Giving Week – Jamshedpur Joyfest 2016 – I

Wish Tree

The Joy of Giving week started with setting up a ‘Wish Tree’ at multiple locations on campus. The aesthetically pleasing set up drew a lot of attention and created a buzz about the Joyfest.

Wish Tree is basically a collection of ‘wishes’ that we list up in the form of a decorative tree. These wishes are those of small kids, and include things such as stationery items, toys/games, etc. The tree listed several wishes by these little boys and girls, and benefactors (XLRI students) could write their name against the self-stick notes provided against it. It looked something like this:


The donations were collected from them thereafter. The students who donated were also requested to post a selfie on Facebook with a ‘happy dot’ on their index finger. This created a buzz about the whole Daan Utsav week at XLRI on social media. On Facebook, the event was promoted with the concept of ‘Being Someone’s Hero’ by giving them what they dearly want.

Wish tree was a huge success. We collected a healthy donation amount which we used to buy things listed by the poor kids as their ‘wishes’.

Kehkaha Day

We mapped some underprivileged schools in Jamshedpur, and one fine morning, invited some kids to spend a day with us at XLRI. A variety of fun activities were planned out. From screening some small movie clips to drawing anything that pleases their unbridled imagination to playing fun games that culminated into a mini dance party. For a moment, even the organizers forgot that they were all grown-ups, so contagious was their energy and enthusiasm. The drawing session saw some amazing gems of creativity. While playing fun games with us, the little kids also showed us some of their brilliant talents – some danced, some sang, and some even mimicked their favourite actors.


We also distributed food packets to them, which they had amidst the fun and laughter of enjoying a Tom and Jerry show. At the end, they were also given gift packets containing notebooks, writing material, a lunch box, a water bottle, and bag.

Kehkaha Day 2.0 was also celebrated when some orphan kids were brought to the campus and a movie – Kung Fu Panda was screened for them.

Serving those who serve us

In a gesture of gratitude, we decided to literally turn the tables. The mess workers who cook food for us all round the year were served by the students in a rare role reversal. The mess workers we invited to the mess and student volunteers and SIGMA team members served food to them.



Food Distribution Drive

“When a man’s stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor.”

Food is one of the bare necessity of life, however not everyone is privileged enough to sleep with a stomach full. Thus, our endeavour to fight hunger by providing food to the underprivileged as part of the Joy of Giving week.

Team SIGMA went to the outskirts of the city at around 9 in the night to distribute food packets to the destitute. Volunteers from the campus also accompanied. This also helped in sensitization of the scale of the problem of food and deaths due to starvation.


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