Just when the much talked about grueling-first-year of MBA was becoming a stark reality, MAXI got the batch to let their hair down and set their imagination on fire.

To get a break from the Marketing jargon inside the classroom, the sleep deprived juniors were asked to unleash their inner Don Draper and let their copy writing skills give a competition to even Chandler Bing.

‘AdTwist’, a competition especially meant for those who can’t stop dreaming about brands and who spent the night before their exams feasting on the latest episodes of House of Cards, Game of Thrones or good ol’ Friends.

It required each participant to get an image of their favorite TV show or movie and associate the image with a relevant brand along with a catchy tag line.

What followed in the next three days was a buzz of excitement and untethered creativity by the junior batch!

Here are the top 10 ads chosen by the senior MAXI team…

Apurv Srivastava’s Orange Is The New Black post had the most fluid brand connection that there could be, in a single line it unified a TV Show, a Carbonated Drink and eroded an age old acceptance that Cold Drinks are meant to be Cola…. It was simple, yet powerful… Perfect Communication, Minimum Fuss. Apurv won the grand prize of AdTwist 2015.

The other 9 entries which featured in their Top Ten (in no particular order) are:

And my personal favorite

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