3 Wise Men

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3 Wise Men

CRUX organized its first event post-selections on the 18th of August. Titled ‘Three Wise Men’, it saw an enthusiastic participation of more than 30 teams from both batches. The event comprised of two rounds and sought to judge participants on their analytical acumen, decision-making and creativity and presentation skills.

Round 1 put the participants in the shoes of consultants and challenged them with 10 diverse scenarios which they needed to navigate through, making decisions that would maximize their initial capital. The twist to the tale was that there was a large reward for those teams that could correctly estimate their own losses or gains at the end of the round.

The top 8 teams went on to round 2. All teams were given a problem statement which included saving the earth from an asteroid as well as the subject’s failing marriage. To do this they could take the help of a fictional/historical character which they had to acquire via an auction, using their round 1 scores for bidding. As the teams presented their solutions, they were reviewed and rated by their peers.

The final scores were a combination of the points leftover from round 1, ratings received from round 2 and the degree to which a team’s ratings correlated with the average ratings. The cash prize of INR 15k was won by The Sagacious Devils and The Layman Brothers at 1st and 2nd position respectively. The event was widely liked by the participating teams and received positive reviews for its fresh new concept and innovative scoring methodology.

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