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And then you went, and there you go

Following your dreams
I am but a milestone
En route to your goals

 Were those the days
The moments, the ways
The bonds and the fights
And long night stays

Etched in our memories
They will always remain
Back to the past, I
Would go any day

It was your time
Nonchalant you were
Swaying with the wind
On the ocean, like a free bird

The world then crept in
You put on a poker face
What’s in, remains in
What you were, it’s a haze

Touch-me-not, for I will fall
You will say : It will dash through my heart
And you will do : It will keep me in dark

The dark is the mind
Your heart still hopes
With all the sunshine around
It yearn and it grows

Take a leap of faith
Take a dive in love
You are my star
A bird, who knows no cage
Spread your wings and fly
And fly, you will, I know, too high.

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