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My first month at XL – Vedika Murdia

When an XLer gives you an advice, carve it in golden letters, write it in stone and engrave it in your memory. Especially when it comes from the people who have been there and done that.

But as they say, the best are the lessons you learn the hard way.
So, as my eyes start to get heavier and the sleep begins to arrest my body, just moments before I doze off, I could hear the most precious words once uttered by the experienced, resonating in my ears-

Sleep before you come to XL.”

And alas I wake, to the noble poke of a fellow survivor or to a not so noble question of the professor.

Taking my baby steps towards becoming the so-called XLer, the one thing I still tend to forget time and again is that XL doesn’t give you time to prepare, rather it prepares you by squeezing the last of the last drop of time you possess. But after all being said, you experience the sights never seen before- the eyes see the skies changing colors, from blue to grey to black to orange and to blue again, and you stand tall and awake to witness each of the 24 hours ticking off. Just when the world around you seems to dwell into deep slumbers, hope ignites from a faraway corner where guitars buzz and melodies tune to the beats of Bodhi.
Here at XL, away from the ordinary, a life paces at its own pace. It wakes to the mayhem of quizzes and assignments and sleeps to the rhythm of seniors. Through constant juggles between lectures and seminars, between Dadu’s and Bishu Da, and between breaking the ice in the committees, a rabble of sleep-deprived, would-be managers march in unison.

With all this and more happening every second, the XL experience begins to seep in. One can witness bits and pieces of the famous XL-IIM C rivalry inadvertently simmering inside as s/he starts to become one amongst the many spokes to the bigger wheel XL is. The 3 am conversations over Maggie, the morning thuds on the doors, the bustle of the mess, and the footballer inside everyone awakens to the collective gasps and applauses and fixated eyes.
It’s a home away from home, a life worth a thousand lives. It’s an incessant war between who you are and who you want to become. It challenges you at every step and questions the very being.
But as they say-

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and we at XL truly live by it.

As a month closes down upon us juniors and the true XL unmasks, our battle between success and failures continues. And for the greater good we say to one another that there are miles to go before you sleep!

Vedika Murdia
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