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My first month at XL – Pragya Paramita Sahoo

It’s the 19th of July. Reaching Jamshedpur station more than a month ago, soon after a family
vacation at Nepal, numerous wild thoughts were trumpeting around in my head. Will I even have
time to sleep? How will I keep my head above water, given the academic rigor? Will I be able to? Can
any college teach so much in a meagre two years? Life at an MBA college is so busy that if you sleep
for 6 hours, you will miss out on one event… at least. I am a fresher and someone who likes a taste
before ordering a drink. So, the Fear of Missing Out, fondly known as FOMO, did make a brief
appearance. Luckily for me, the story didn’t end there. Luckily, I had these thoughts only till the
events actually began.

And what a note they began on! I never realized intra-college events could be so…adventurous! I
never realised the power an actor wields in our perception of reality, and that what you see would,
most probably, not be what you get. (I am an engineer too.)
The epiphany I had missed was that I survived engineering! So, the results of that experiment should
have been analysed more deeply. Academics anywhere will take a toll on you, but the rigor builds on
the past – it wouldn’t be a fresh start because you are not a fresh start! So, an engineer’s
stupendous coping skills will come in handy here and enable us to work and participate, besides, as
we all know, interact and socialise.

A month into the XL experience, a lot of things I had heard about the college from a hole in the wall,
are morphing into reality – seemingly out of nowhere. Events hit me left and right! Tests and
assignments determine our sleep levels and our reception of the teacher. Deadlines are sacrosanct.
It feels like you are just jumping from one deadline to another. Urgent and important seem like
random words you had once heard. If you are doing something, it’s urgent and the deadline might
be less than an hour away. Days became weeks, and then an entire month, and this epiphany hit me
when I renewed my monthly contract with the dhobi.

That, ladies and gentleman, is not even the entire XL experience. It is the races we had for the best
spots, the beautiful view from the terrace, some of the best conversations in life, meeting some of
the kindest and most helpful seniors… It’s all that too. You won’t be homesick, because you don’t
have the time to be homesick. And XL will affect you, seep into your blood and bones…claiming you
for its very own Mafia.

– Pragya Paramita Sahoo


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