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LIFE @ XL – Learning and Beyond

When we had the curtailed orientation, one point raised by a senior was that ‘You are here in XL for a job, not much for learning and other idealistic stuff.’ After the orientation, I thought it was time for proper learning to take place but given the frenzied pace at which classes and assignments were scheduled, it is taxing to learn all subjects in their prudent form.

We need to be able to sit in a negotiating team during collective bargaining with all labour laws and previous case laws at our fingertips. We need to do a proper case analysis with commonsensical and feasible solutions along with implementation plans. These are skills which some of us need to develop immediately. One prof remarked that some case presentations are an aggregation of case facts and that some students need to introspect on this immediately.

An effective knowledge management system is the need of the hour. We students should all attend more seminars conducted by our illustrious alumni and industry experts so that we are better prepared to make the smooth transition from college life to corporate life. Faculty can be asked to give us bridge courses in case solving and to make effective PPTs in the very beginning of the MBA course. Internship stories can be documented with project title, scope and implementation methodologies. Subscription to popular magazines related to our respective functions is recommended to become compulsory. When it comes to CQ, one popular belief is that electives must be graded but those grades cannot be compared – effectively, students can be graded only for the compulsory subjects they, as a batch, attend. Companies must have their own assessment tests to select students, and not stick to grades alone. This might shift focus from marks to learning. Another prof remarked that students must be judged based on the electives they take and how serious they are about the chosen domain. The Magis are synonymous with the quest for excellence in everything we do and that should supersede the cut-throat competition synonymous with B-schools. Efforts from students’ side must be made more vigorously to ensure that an XLer henceforth must be a near-standard ‘product’ who ensures that the XLRI brand is further glorified.

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