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Kickstarting the ‘XL journey’ – Pranay Chatterjee

Being born and brought up in Kolkata, leaving my home after 20 years was not easy. The train tickets lying on the desk said “Duronto Express: 6:15 am Howrah to Tatanagar”. After all the niceties with relatives, I was headed to the city of the Tatas. Honestly, I was super-excited about XLRI but not too amused about not being in a metro city for the next two years. What about the trips to the movies, cafes, etc.? All gone? Today I laugh at myself for contemplating about these questions.

XLRI renovated their gate just before the first years were to join. Sitting in a noisy auto-rickshaw, when I saw the grand entrance with the XL logo, it gave me goosebumps. I had entered here before for my interviews but this time it was different. The ride from the gate to the New Hostel was quite long. What a campus! The old campus represented the original XL heritage while the new campus showed vibrancy. S-3/5 was going to be my new home for the next one year.

Having heard a lot about MBA life and XL life to be specific, I was in two minds about what the experience was going to be like. Today one month has passed, and I hardly recognize myself. One month of XLRI has exponentially increased my capacity to work. I hardly realized when my average sleep time went from 8 hours to 2 hours after joining. XL never sleeps, indeed.

It all began with a week-long interaction with seniors, a week which is going to be etched in my memory forever. We received the true ‘XL Welcome’ and were introduced to the much talked about ‘XL Culture’. Tons of assignments and CV submissions later, we finally began the official academic year.

The first class: Management Accounting. The supposedly toughest subject taken by a strict professor. In other words, I had to be diligent and focused in his classes. So what do I do? I over-sleep and miss my first class at XLRI. A truly daredevil stunt! There were several memorable events in my journey till now. I don’t think any B-School can boast of a puja held at the junior campus by the seniors before a certain dreaded quiz. A subtle mixture of sarcasm and seriousness made it a hit. Next, we had two trips, an outbound and a village trip. Being a generally indoor-oriented person, the outbound was a “hell” of a ride. But, the three-day trip led to a tremendous amount of bonding between us.

Innumerable all-nighters trying to match balance sheets, trying to figure out the probability that I will make it to the next day’s 9 am class given an 8 am deadline, trying to calculate number of hours of sleep possible through backward induction and endless cups of tea and snacks at ‘Shyam Store’ and ‘Bishu Da’ later, I have become a changed man, a man who wants to survive, a man who has fallen in love with where he is. Not just a man, but an XLer

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