XLRI Sports Committee nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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XLRI Sports Committee nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

In a historic announcement yesterday, the official Sports Committee of XLRI was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their outstanding contributions to the field of sporting relations and on and off court conduct during the XL-IIMC sports meet.

The 2014 edition of the annual XL-IIMC tournament, hosted by XLRI, was widely considered by all present to be the most outstanding display of brotherly (and sisterly) affection and exhibited the passionate endeavours of SportsComm towards the maxim of “Atithi Devo Bhava” (A Guest is God). The healthy competition was marked throughout by heart-warming and noble gestures from the side of the hosts. In fact the students of XLRI, led by the Sports Committee, were so remarkably generous that most of the cheers were based on, and for, their guests. The IIM-C athletes were frequently overwhelmed by the incessant and unyielding love and were moved to tears on many an occasion.

The plaudits continued to pour in as this article went into publication. The Prime Minister sent in his congratulations with a heartfelt statement. “XLRI and SportsComm have showcased the true spirit of gentlemanly sporting conduct over many years and have inspired each and every one of us. This is a huge accomplishment and honour for India, the state of Jharkhand, the city of Jamshedpur and all the students of XLRI. Acche din aa gaye. Ek do teen chaar…” said a clearly emotional PM.

The leader of AAP could not be reached for comment through his many shawls and fits of coughing. Jharkhand’s leading ambassador, MS Dhoni, retired midway through his message.

The usually terse Dean of Student Affairs outlined the several humanitarian initiatives undertaken over the course of the last XL-IIMC meet in 2014, “XLRI, with its long and chequered history in the field of Human Relations, pioneered the relationship drive and highlighted its commitment to the highest standards of hospitality, fairness and welfare in the 2014 competition. Efforts such as the welcoming Guard of Honour, where the guests were so awestruck by the love and humanity shown that they walked the entire way with their heads bowed, and the warm  complimentary bath at the end of it, were just two examples of SportsComm’s utter devotion to this cause.”

No doubt with the next edition of the tournament around  the corner, IIM-C will be eager to reciprocate with an equally ardent turn at hosting the event. Till then, the well-earned felicitations for XLRI and SportsComm continue.

Ek. Do. Teen. Chaar…

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