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Meet the Mentors-‘15 by Samarthya XLRI

Students of XLRI under the banner of Samarthya, a student body at XLRI dedicated to the cause of the development of the school children of Jamshedpur, orrganised ‘Meet the Mentor Programme’15 on September 18th  and 19th at its campus to help the teachers take upon a mentorship role for their students and help these students in their long term growth.

“Meet the Mentor” Program has been launched this event for the first time this year to involve the teachers as stakeholders and help them play a better role as counsellor and mentors for students. 25 teachers from three schools, Loyola, MNPS and DBMS were participant in the programme and the programme to sensitize the teachers and help them become mentors was taken up by distinguished professors of XLRI.

The programme was a great success and different aspects of mentorship, purpose of mentorship and the role of positive psychology was dealt with in great detail with various kinds of group activities, videos and presentations. The teachers said it was a unique experience for them to be part of such a programme and thanked the Samarthya team and the Faculty members for providing such a great opportunity to them which would definitely help them in becoming better teachers and play the role  of a mentor and a counsellor to school students.

Ronald D’Costa , who has been one of the great pillars of Samarthya praised the team and the programme and said that it is unique initiative in terms that the gap between counsellors and students is never so little which exists between the students of schools and the XLRI students and therefore the XLRI students can identify the problems easily. On the role of teachers he said that he felt mentoring is much more important than counselling, in terms that the connection is much greater. Father George, Dean Administration, on this occasion said that teachers can play a very important role by being architects for students by helping them make constructive choices and help them make positive choices in life.

Convenors of Samarthya, Arun and Himanshu said that we have two major events, Disha, which helps the students make better career choices and Reflections, which helps parents, students and teachers understand each other’s perspective. As we reach out to more and more students each year, it was high time that while we play the role of buddies in their lives, the teachers can act as mentors and play a crucial role in their development.

XLRI faculty member, Professor ISF Irudayaraj, who is the guiding force behind Samarthya, commented: “Meet the Mentor” is a programme Samarthya has been looking forward to for so many years. Given the key role that teachers play in the life of students, it would be of immense help to the students if they can act as mentors and counsellors for them. The programme would also aim to help the teachers understand the role of a positive atmosphere and positive pshychology in schools and how it creates such a great impact on the students and their school life.

It is a commendable activity which our students have undertaken as a part of ‘Centre for Education, Research and Leadership’ of XLRI. I wish them all the best.”

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