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Ignito – The Ensemble 2016 Theme Launch

Ensemble, the annual flagship management festival of XLRI Jamshedpur started making waves with the official theme launch of the fest -“IGNITO”, on Sunday, 18th September 2016. Ensemble 2015 had seen participation from over 50 B-Schools with over 3000 teams participating, and both the numbers are set to reach new heights this year.


Ignito” is an event where all the co-curricular and extra-curricular committees on the XLRI campus come together to create a large event which includes all facets of business. The participation of the various committees on campus this year embodied the very spirit of coming together that is at the core of Ensemble. This year, Ignito saw a huge participation of 100+ students from the college and the event was made even more fun with the different offbeat activities like wall climbing, confessions arena and the selfie corner.

Ignito selfie corner

The events were followed by a sky lantern activity where the students and faculty of the college together filled the sky with the bright lights. As the bright lanterns soared into the night sky, the legacy of Ignito continued yet again and the feeling of joy and expectation for the success of Ensemble 2016 soared with them. The event ended with a grand spectacle where the official theme of the fest was unveiled amidst music and firecrackers.

img_20160918_175209652 14292290_1214752365213447_4186698152550986631_n
Team ensemble with the lanterns

The theme for Ensemble 2016 is “Be the Business”. ‘Be the Business’ encompasses the ideas of leaving a lasting footprint, of being leaders and game-changers in one’s every endeavor, of having the passion to innovate and to transform the future. With such an enthusiastic response from the students, it is evident that Ensemble 2016 will be setting new standards for success this November.

Theme unveiling

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