IGNITO 2015 – THEME LAUNCH for ENSEMBLE 2015 at XLRI Jamshedpur

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IGNITO 2015 – THEME LAUNCH for ENSEMBLE 2015 at XLRI Jamshedpur

XLRI Xavier School of Management organised the theme launch for Ensemble 2015 at their campus on 27th September 2015. The theme ‘Progressive India: Winds of Change’ was unveiled as a part of the event ’IGNITO’, which commenced from 3pm with a plethora of activities and spot games.

The students were engaged in activities organized by the numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular committees at the institute. The Marketing Association at XLRI tested the prowess of the contestants in the field of advertising with their event Brandboard, while the Entrepreneurship Cell’s Dart-ie Doodles made them brush up their logic and wrack their brains. The Consulting and Research Undertaking at XLRI tested the strategy skills of the teams under the pressure of time while the Association at XLRI for Industrial and Operations Management made them go back to the basics with Kanban principles and Lean Methodology. Students’ Association for the Promotion of Personnel Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations’ Balancing Act brought out the fighting spirit while the Forum for Industrial Relations at XLRI quizzed them on their IR knowledge. The final googly was thrown by the Finance Association at XLRI where the contestants were faced with the dilemma of taking the biggest gamble in an improvisation of roulette. The activities by the extra-curricular committees allowed the team a chance to win some more brownie points. The Dramatics and Cultural Association at XLRI had the usually eloquent XLers at a loss for words with their event Taboo, the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youth brought the house down with Krazy Karaoke and the Sports Committee had everyone’s attention with their innovative take on popular sports.

At the inauguration ceremony, Prof. Pranabesh Ray (Dean Academics) welcomed the audience and enthused over the forward looking spirit of the nation. He urged the young leaders to be aspirational and drive this metamorphosis. Fr. James Santhanam, S.J (Dean Student Affairs) talked about the rich tradition of Ensemble and encouraged the future leaders of this astir nation to embrace the concept of holistic progress and effectively motivate people in the modern organizational context.

Dipanjan Saha, Convenor of the Ensemble Core Team, which has been organizing the fest for over a decade, described how India has embarked upon a journey that has slowly but surely lived up to the dreams of those thousands of Indians. The ceremony was followed up by an event, where XLRI students released sky lanterns which lit up the evening sky, signifying the dawn of change for India.

The national level fest is to be conducted from Nov. 13-15 2015 and is expected to witness a large congregation of the brightest minds from the top B-Schools plus industry thinkers and cultural performances, as has been the tradition at Ensemble over the years.


Please contact:

Dipanjan Saha, Convenor Ensemble Core Team: 7549009649

Eesha Devgan, Lead Public Relations Ensemble Core Team: 9958475366

Riya Kumbhani, Junior member Public Relations Ensemble Core Team: 9920028840

Tarannum Agarwal, Junior member Public Relations Ensemble Core Team: 9000529311

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