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XLDiaries: Living and feeling alive – Jaishil

One glimpse at the rotating carousels on any college website may give you the flavour of the experiences you may undergo. Having got a glimpse of the “Outbound” collage on the college website, I had awaited the moment since I entered the esteemed halls of the temple of learning.

As the sun shyly lifted it veil and the sky wore a bluish garment on the D-day, a bunch of 60 “acquaintances” reached the Tumung village at the outskirts of the steel city, without an iota of idea of the fun and frolic awaiting. Given that I had my fair share of adrenaline escapades across the length and breadth of the country, I would have never ever in my wildest dreams imagined that a village at the fringes of the city, probably where “civilisation” ends, would offer me moments that I would like to cherish forever.

Far from the maddening din and commotion of the city, we developed a lot of camaraderie in the series of outdoor tasks, be it trekking, abseiling, caving, crawling, flying fox, Tarzan swing, river rafting or the improvised raft making. One of the most spine chilling of them was abseiling when one leans over the edge of the steep rock, going against natural instincts, entrusting a rope as one descends perpendicular to the rock. It was at that juncture that I realised, “Not all classrooms have four walls”.

The electrifying feel that you get when you climb a steep rock or the ecstasy that you witness when successfully executing a Tarzan jump is satisfying, to say the least. We spelunked through the claustrophobic caves wading sometimes, crawling on elbows and knees on other occasions (head first sometimes) into the oblivion, pushing ourselves bit by bit through the muddy puddles and the treacherous terrain. We did not expect the hardship that was suddenly hurled upon us but the more we ventured, the more we were able to appreciate the beauty of things around and it was then that we realised that we are were capable of achieving more, only if we tried.

The crux of the outbound though was the rafting and the board surfing in the Dimna lake ,at the foot of the Dalma hills. When it started to pour, the sound of falling rain, the gurgling pools of water made a perfect symphony. Walking along the promenade of the lake, we melted into conversations leading the newly befriended compatriots through the labyrinth of our true, spectacular self, bound by no obligations and barred by no human limitations.

Witnessing nature unfold in layers in front of our very eyes made us feel the most divine experiences of our life. I could say with conviction that ,”It’s about living and feeling alive”.




HRM 2017-19, Section – B

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